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You can depend on us

We offer free consulting on existing and new castings, and fast turnaround times for production.

Find out how we'll meet your needs

Find out how Cushman’s customer-focused approach, sophisticated control systems, and high-quality castings will meet the needs of your project. Whether you need a new product or replacement parts, our team will work with you to get you what you need on time and at the right price.

In addition to Cushman Foundry, our CaneKast™ family of foundries includes Ermak Foundry & MachiningNorthwest CastingPatriot Foundry & Castings, and Superior Aluminum Castings, all nationally recognized non-ferrous foundries with decades of casting experience. We are ready to help—Contact Us!

We make prototypes

Cushman Foundry has the expertise to help you with your tool development and prototype needs. Whether you’re in need of new or existing castings, we offer prototypes and can work with you on your specific requirements. We’re here to take care of all your high-quality nonferrous sand castings needs.

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    Cushman Foundry – We're here to help

    Quality Assurance

    Cushman serves customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and the rest of the United States and Canada. We will give your order the same personal attention that discriminating casting buyers have known since 1911, including competitive pricing and flexible scheduling.

    We do it all

    Cushman Foundry can handle any casting process for you, whether new or existing castings, tool development, or prototypes. We're your one-stop shop to get your job done right. Connected from concept through product completion—we work with our clients to form a long-term casting connection.

    Find the expertise to achieve your goals

    Whether you're looking to achieve cost savings, increase strength through optimization, or reduce finishing time, our team offers expert services that will help you reach your goals. With decades of experience in production casting, optimization and finishing, we'll find the solution for you.

    A team of experts who work for you

    New or Existing Casting?

    We learn about your product, reviewing everything from napkin sketches to existing tooling, and then follow a production process developed to meet/exceed all product requirements.

    Tooling Development

    Cushman works with your existing tooling. Alternatively, we can build and construct the tools you require. We also maintain tooling, so it is ready when you need it.

    Prototypes & First Articles

    Cushman follows a time-saving proprietary process to produce prototypes. We evaluate a series of factors, including the article’s purpose, geometry, alloy, desired quality, finish, and turnaround time.

    Production & Optimzation

    We evaluate and improve costs and lead time, look for ways to expedite your product inventory, and constantly review strategies for quality improvement. In addition, we track the casting process to ensure repeatability.

    CaneKast™, Inc., Announces Acquisition of Cushman Foundry

    CHASKA, MN (January 28th, 2022) — Cushman Foundry of Blue Ash, Ohio, was acquired by CaneKast™, a leader in non-ferrous foundries. “This transaction enables us to take advantage of opportunities for growth and innovation across our facilities,” remarked Reg Zeller, CEO and owner of CaneKast. “The addition of Cushman provides us with a strategic location within our network and a knowledgeable workforce that can leverage cutting-edge equipment. We want to continue to create jobs and opportunities for workers while giving customers a high-value, superior solution.”

    Casting Source’s July/August 2021 Q&A “You Don’t Have To Be Monet,” by Kim Phelan, featuring Reg Zeller

    Casting Source: You’re passionate about bringing manufacturing back to America, and certainly the reasons are many to do so. But is it one of those things that’s easier said than done?
    Reg Zeller: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation with customers. Bringing something back to the U.S. is substantially easier than what it takes to initially get something going overseas. We created our own proprietary development process to make this simple. 

    Let's Get Started

    From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we work with you to ensure that your project is a success. We’re here to answer any questions, and help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Reach out for free quotes on new or existing products. Bounce ideas off our team—we are happy to help. We promise to provide excellent service whether you are new in the game or a seasoned manufacturer.