Casting Process

Casting Connection

Our customers have access to workers with decades of experience in the “art” of casting, along with the technological know-how to implement the “science” of materials.
Reg Zeller

Tooling Development

With tooling development complete or the use of existing tooling, the process is off and running.


Before final inspection, parting lines are removed, and castings are shot blasted to blend the overall finish. Castings are inspected before packaging to ensure that we meet our customer requirements.

Multiple types of Castings

We provide green sand molding (automated match plate, Jolt Squeezer, and Rota lift), permanent mold/gravity-fed die cast, and no bake castings.

Ensure Repeatability & Certifications

For repeatability, we use process sheets throughout the casting process. Each part has a mold file with all parameters to ensure quality castings.

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