Cushman Foundry Aluminum Castings



Cushman’s sophisticated equipment and experience in pouring aluminum alloys result in outstanding castings for our customers. Cushman Foundry is a company that specializes in the casting of nonferrous metals and metal alloys, such as the A356 alloy. We handle casting tasks ranging in size from a single piece to thousands of parts weighing less than an ounce to more than 250 pounds.

The A356 alloy is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal. To increase its strength, A356 is typically heat-treated to T6 state. A356, like 356 aluminum casting alloy, has good casting and machining properties but has less impurities. Furthermore, the A356 aluminum alloy is stronger and more ductile than the 356 aluminum alloy.

A356 is a 92.05 percent aluminum alloy with 7% silicon, 0.2 percent iron, 0.2 percent copper, 0.35 percent magnesium, 0.1 percent zinc, and 0.1 percent manganese.

We pour aluminum alloys A356319535